Advancing Consumer and Public Safety

Flyy is an independent non-profit organization led by committed professionals working collectively to protect consumers & the public through the establishment of standards, recommended practices and upholding professional practices in the commercial drone sector.


Collaborate with our members and policy makers to enable and advance the Professional Drone Sector


Establish and advance competencies of professional drone operators


Working to develop a standards roadmap to accelerate the safe integration of drones into our everyday lives


With the tremendous advancements in commercial drone use, there are significant opportunities to safeguard both the manned aviation sector and the public as the frequency, duration and risks associated with unmanned flight increases.


We are committed to ensuring that issues of safety, security, capacity, efficiency, economic development and environmental impact are central to our efforts and partnerships across.


With domestic short range beyond visual flight operations being routinely conducted and the advent of mid to long range operations being evaluated, a regulatory and standards development framework must establish clear, practical guidelines for operators, pilots and policy makers alike.


Flyy will inform and lead this process with all stakeholders.


As the public safety and professional use of commercial drones has and will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate globally, Flyy is committed to public safety by working collectively with all stakeholders to develop standards and accredit organizations for compliance in all aspects of the commercial drone sector.

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