Working collectively with all stakeholders to develop and apply leading practices in every industry.


Stand for innovation, efficiency and safety.



Learn and grow. Establish and advance competencies of Professional Drone Operators.

Safety and Innovation
for the Drone Air Space

Our goal is to ensure safety and efficiency for Drone Operations across industries, and to provide high-quality Training and Certification to help  build the capacities of Professional Drone Pilots and their teams. 


At FLYY, we are one step ahead assessing the needs and requirements of parties involved, to understand and develop better Standards, Methodologies and Guidelines that will help improve human capacities and operations within the Drone Air Space.

PREFLYY, our RPAS Training Program

PREFLYY, our RPAS Training Program covers both Basic & Advanced Certification. We have the course divided into sections so you can just take the training you need, or you can take the complete program from start.


This course is 100% online and interactive. The learning activities are designed to accomplish specific objectives, depending on the module and topic.


With content that covers from what you need to know before you fly, up to Meteorology, Airframes and much more, this course has been designed by industry experts to provide an excellent learning experience.


We work collectively with industry leaders to safeguard both the manned aviation sector and the public as the frequency, duration and risks associated with unmanned flight increases.


We are committed to ensuring that safety and security, innovation, and capacity building, as well as Economic Development and Environmental Impact, are central to our efforts and partnerships.


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