Leading Innovation and Development
for Drone Operations

We offer support and services to lead drone operations across industries
and build the capacities and skills needed to become Professional Drone Operators.


By developing Public Safety Standards and Guidelines along with industry experts, we ensure the safety, efficiency and improvement of every project within the Commercial Drone Sector.


Safeguard Public Safety, manned aviation, and Drone Operations.


Let us work together towars high-quality innovation.


A 100% online and interactive Training Program.


Certified Flight Reviewers across the country.


Standards Development

As the public safety and drone innovation has and will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate globally, FLYY is committed to public safety by working together with all stakeholders to develop standards and accredit organizations for compliance in all aspects of the commercial drone sector.


We aim to develop best practices that will prepare and guide professional pilots and organizations to keep everyone safe and compliant.


With new regulations for short-range drone operations, and the mid to long-range operations being evaluated, we must establish a Standards Development Framework and Guidelines to safeguard both manned aviation and the public. As well as to improve and obtain better results for drone operators, pilots and policy makers.



The constant innovation in technology, manufacturing, and the rise of new needs and requirements of organizations and the general public, require the application of standards and regulations to stay safe and conduct efficient operations.


We like to work as one with organizations to assess and develop a productive and compliant Operation Framework.


We are committed to ensuring that issues of safety, security, capacity, efficiency, economic development, and environmental impact are central to our efforts and partnerships across.

RPAS Training

With Transport Canada exams and the new regulations already in place for those who want or need to become a professional certified drone pilot, we understand the need for proper training.


We partnered with experts within the Drone Industry and Online Education to develop a Certified Training Program that will help you become a Professional and Legal Drone Operator.


PREFLYY is a course 100% online that enhances the user experience with a dynamic interface and high-quality content. It will prepare you for the Basic + Advanced Exams.

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